Customized Maintenance


At IT Business Advisors we concentrate on preventative rather than reactive measures to help save you money and increase the efficiencies of your system.

We believe you are as unique as your system and therefore we provide a customized maintenance program. We plan and maintain your network environment to ensure it runs smoothly without interruption while providing on-going maintenance and recommendations for future growth.

The level of customization depends on your specific needs and requirements. You might need a maintenance program that includes as little as a few hours a month or daily maintenance may be required.

During a typical maintenance visit IT Business Advisors will check your network including firewalls, servers and workstations, ensure successful backups, apply updates to servers and virus protection software and attend to any user requests.

As part of our maintenance program we provide you with a primary and secondary Advisor – experts who become intimate with your network. The primary Advisor becomes your key point of contact and the main Advisor for your business.

Which Maintenance Program Is Right For My Business?

Before IT Business Advisors recommends a maintenance program, we perform a system audit, which gives us information about your system and allows us to become familiar with your network. We then produce a report document detailing the audit results and making recommendations for any improvements. The IT Business Advisors audit allows us to provide you with a proper estimate of which maintenance program will be right for you.