Managed Services


IT Business Advisors provides managed service solutions with the infrastructure and level of business protection customized to your company’s size and budget.

Our Datacentre services are collocated within Cogeco at their various locations within the GTA. We provide virtual server hosting, physical server hosting, disaster recovery and backup solutions.

At IT Business Advisors we’ve taken a flexible approach to hosting and backup services which allows us to fully customize the right solution for you.

Backup and Recovery

At IT Business Advisors we go beyond traditional backup and recovery to provide affordable data protection.

Our disaster recovery planning Advisors have extensive experience and knowledge in assessing and designing a strategy that focuses on your Backup and Recovery goals. They will start this process by asking you these five key questions:

  1. What are the threats?
  2. What is the business impact of any given critical event?
  3. What needs protection?
  4. What should you protect against?
  5. How much should be invested to protect your business assets?

Once a complete assessment is conducted a customised replication solution is created which allows for instant, half day and full day recovery.


IT Business Advisors provides Recall-IT, a streamlined, full-server protection solution that reduces costs by simplifying the backup and recovery of important business systems over the Internet.

Recall-IT continuously replicates changes to your data, applications, and the source server’s operating system in real-time over the Internet. As a result of using Recall-IT your entire server is protected in a true offsite, remote location. Recall-IT allows you to configure and perform recoveries on-demand, to physically dissimilar hardware or virtual servers.

Some applications and systems that are essential to the business, but don’t need the high availability provided by mirroring, replication and failover products can be easily protected and recovered on-demand using Recall-IT.

Server Mirroring and Replication

Let IT Business Advisors help you with your critical systems and applications. Our server mirroring solutions continuously capture changes as they happen in real-time and replicates those changes to one or more servers at our collocation Datacentre. By providing continuous data replication over the Internet you always have on-going access to a current copy of your data, applications and OS. Our experts will monitor changes to all your protected files and only bytes that change are replicated making this a very efficient, Hotsite disaster recovery option with the ability to improve performance by compressing the protected data before it is sent.

We know if your mission critical server goes down in a disaster or outage it can take your productivity and business with it. Hotsite server replication in real-time with automatic failover to the Hotsite mirror in the event of an outage or disaster will appear virtually seamless with negligible data loss.

Server Hosting: (physical or virtual)

At IT Business Advisors we provide you with several server options including having access to your server via remote control software or allowing us to manage it for you and hosting your own virtual servers or allowing us host them for you.

If you are currently housing your network servers in your own office, consider the following questions before determining which server IT Business Advisors hosting solution is the best for your business.

  1. Is your office environment adequate to protect your IT infrastructure?
  2. Is there truly adequate physical security to your office/server location?
  3. Do you have proper A/C and power supply redundancy/backup facilities?
  4. Does your office building provide security personnel 24/7?

Our collocated Datacentre will provide you with secure, remote access from your office to your hosted server. It allows for a high professional grade, worry-free infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself.