Network Services


Network Services is at the core of our business. Whether you need advice, project management, installation or support services, IT Business Advisors has the experience you can count on. Let us manage your network services so you can concentrate on growing your business.

We are a Microsoft Solution Provider and have strategically chosen to work with Microsoft products because we feel their products and solutions are ideally suited to help you in your business.

WAN and Internet Advice

We manage all aspects of your network, including transport carriers and Internet connectivity. You can rely on IT Business Advisors to ensure your system connects and communicates properly. Whether it’s your remote office or site location we understand the importance of sharing data over a safe and secure connection. From software and switches to firewalls and carriers, we customize safe and secure solutions to meet your technology needs.

Local Area Advice

It’s one thing to connect your PCs via simple cables and a switch, but when you need this connection to be secure and efficient in a business environment, you need the experts at IT Business Advisors. If your accounting and customer information becomes inaccessible as a result of computers that are unavailable or damaged, it can be devastating for your business.

We have years of expertise and knowledge implementing LANs, with hardware and software solutions that are secure, efficient and reliable. Our Advisors will help you with every aspect of the LAN set up including workstations, peripherals, network connectivity, servers, storage, backup and recovery.

Server Advice

We know designing a professional and expandable server system is the foundation of your technology infrastructure and it needs to be efficiently designed to sustain your business for the future. Simple things like folder structure and file security can become a major problem if they are not setup properly during installation.

Working with our partners at Microsoft and IBM, IT Business Advisors is strategically positioned to provide the best advice and server solutions to meet the needs of your business.

Whether you need Small Business Servers, SQL Servers, Exchange or other Microsoft server versions, IT Business Advisors has the expertise to advise, install, customize and fully support all Server environments.

Workstation Advice and Peripherals and Work Enhancement Advice

Our Advisors are knowledgeable and well versed in the latest work enhancements, smart devices, remote connectivity and virtual desktop software. They will assess your office technology needs and provide you with a plan to design, purchase and install exactly what your office needs to run effectively and efficiently.

With a plan in place, IT Business Advisors will leverage our buying power through our strategic alliance with our partners at Microsoft, IBM, Lenovo, HP, and Dell to get the most cost effective solution for you.